Stage tools exhibited at Clean Eurasia Expo

4 December 2021
Stage tools exhibited at Clean Eurasia Expo

It took its place in Clean Eurasia Expo with its domestic and national road sweeping vehicles. Among the first choices of the public and private sectors with the AGA 2100 series, Stage vehicles attracted great attention at the fair.

Established in Konya in 2011, adopting the mission of being a leading international company in the manufacture of on-vehicle equipment, Kademe A.Ş. With its customer-oriented approach, it continues to work with the vision of a “leading company” in Turkey and in the world. Leading the sector in terms of production, Kademe A.Ş. It took place at the Clean Eurasia Expo, which was held for the cleaning sector at the Eurasia Show and Art Center, between 1-4 December.

Having a large market share in the sector in a short period of three years with its Compact Vacuum Road Sweepers, which it started to produce in 2018, Kademe continues to serve both domestically and abroad with its domestic road sweeper production. Stage vehicles are also among the first choices of the public and private sectors with the AGA 5000 and AGA 2100 series, which save up to 60 percent in purchasing and usage costs compared to imported road sweepers.

AGA 2100 bears the signature of Turkish engineers

While the importance of the cleaning sector was underlined once again with the pandemic, Turkey has become the meeting point of the world in the professional cleaning sector, as in many other sectors. Having the opportunity to design and manufacture equipment for different brands and types of vehicles with its strong R&D department, Kademe exports to 46 countries.

Following the developments in the sector closely, Kademe made a name for itself at the Clean Eurasia Expo, which brought the sector together. The AGA 2100 compact vehicle, which was produced by Turkish engineers and fitted with a domestic engine, was met with great interest at the fair. The demand for the vehicles produced by Kademe in the public and private sectors in Turkey is increasing day by day, especially due to the fact that it is domestically produced, and it also provides a significant price advantage in the public sector in terms of spare parts compared to imported products.

The cooperation of Kademe and Asist in the cleaning sector drew attention

Participating in the fair with Asist, which is the Marmara Region Sales Authorized Company of Kademe and provides 24/7 maintenance, repair and spare parts supply services to more than 1,500 vehicles and construction machines with its nearly 200 personnel at 25 points in the country and abroad, Kademe’s cooperation in the cleaning sector drew attention.

Taking part in Clean Eurasia Expo, one of the important fairs for the industrial field in Turkey, with both indoor and outdoor cleaning machines, Kademe and Asist informed the participants about the products and equipment. Despite the fact that imported products are dominant in the cleaning sector, it was also seen that domestic production became increasingly important at the fair.

Exterior cleaning equipment and machines of Kademe were introduced to the participants from abroad, mainly at the place where the interior cleaning tools are located. In the fair, where foreign visitors rather than domestic visitors were dominant, participants from Turkic Republics, Russia, Ukraine, Arabia, Africa and the Balkan geography had the opportunity to examine the products in detail. During the fair, Kademe and Assist contacted more people and had the opportunity to introduce and explain their products and equipment to the participants.

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