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About Us

Kademe Municipal Vehicles


Kademe Municipal Vehicles, which started its activities in 2011, in Konya Organized Industrial Zone on the land of 1,000,000 square meters in a closed area of ​​20,000 square meters; compact, vacuum and trailed type road sweepers, disinfectant and sterilization vehicles, hydraulic garbage compactors and transfer trailers, hooklift, mini tipper, skip loader, container washing vehicle, water tanker, sewage truck, combine machine, different type of platforms, tree transplanting machine, trailer, and compost machine it constitutes the widest product range of the sector with its productions.

With its strong R&D department, Kademe offers the opportunity to design and manufacture equipment on vehicles of different brands and types in the sector where each order requires a new design.

Being a leader in the sector with its manufacturing and after-sales service support, Kademe carries out its production without sacrificing quality by obtaining CE certificate for the products it manufactures in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards.

Company Profile
Kademe has adopted the mission of being a leading international organization in the production of on-vehicle equipment, open to foreign markets, offering products and services by creating value beyond customer expectations within the framework of Albayrak's corporate culture and international quality understanding, attaching great importance to honesty and after-sales satisfaction. Our company has identified our vision is like with unconditionally a customer-oriented approach to access the "leading company" position in Turkey and the world as its main target.